Want Make Up Like Mine?

So, I thought I would experiment with today’s blog post, and do a ‘make up like mine’ post. I might be terrible at it, or it may be totally boring for you guys to read, but hey ho, lets give it a go! (HA! Maybe I should’ve been a poet!)

I was actually pretty impressed with this make up look, and I didn’t have to spend too long in front of the mirror, applying the different make up products. It took me, roughly, about 10-15 minutes to slap on my face, and make myself look less zombie-some.

The Eyes


Firstly, I apologize for the dirty eye-shadow palette, I did clean it before taking photos, but some of the old make up was ingrained into scratches on the plastic!

For my eyes I used the MUA Make Up Academy Professional Eye-shadow Palette ‘Undress Me Too’,  Natural Collection Eye Liner in Black, and W7 Eye Lust in Blackest Black.

If I am going to wear eye-shadow, I always apply this first, before my foundation or concealer, in case there is any fall out from the eye-shadow. The last thing I want to do is wipe off my foundation when trying to remove the fall out of eye-shadow, and have to apply the foundation all over again. This definitely isn’t good for time-saving, and I always tend to make a mess when I am in a rush!

So the first thing I did was apply my eye-shadow, I used the shade Lavish (from left to right; 5th one in on the top row), applied a couple of layers of this colour so that I had full coverage. For a fairly cheap eye-shadow palette, I was pretty impressed with the coverage it gave, and how long it lasted throughout the day. I often find the eye-shadow rubs off throughout the day, but at the end of the day when I took my make-up off, I still removed lots of eye-shadow. If you are looking for an eye-shadow palette for long wear use, I would definitely suggest this one.

Once the eye-shadow was on, I applied some my Natural Collection eyeliner on my waterlines, followed by a couple of coats of the W7 Eye Lust mascara. I absolutely love this mascara, because it gives such great coverage, and a full lash effect.

The Face


Often there are days that I don’t want to be bare-faced, and I want to cover up my spots, and blemishes, but I also don’t want to go all out and wear my proper foundation. When I am having one of those days, I usually wear IT Cosmetics CC+ (a review on this to come later on this week; watch this space); but this time, I decided I would try a slightly different product. I used Younique BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer in the shade Bisque. I had mixed thoughts on this product. The consistency of the product had a watery hint to it when I pumped some on to my hand. There was a little puddle of watery BB cream underneath the intact BB cream. Although when applying it to my face, the texture was quite tacky and thicker than I anticipated it to be, given how watery it was when on my hand. But once applied, the Younique BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer gave great coverage, and once all applied properly and dried, it didn’t feel as though I was wearing any face makeup.

After applying the Younique BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer, I applied some Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder in Fair, using my Real Techniques Multi-Task Brush. I’ve been using this powder for a year or more now, and  it is such a great product. I am absolutely in love with the Real Technique Multi-Task Brush, it is super soft, and is perfect for using to apply powder.

The Lips

image2 (1)

To complete today’s look, I used Barry M lip liner in Runway, which is a part of my Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit, and Rimmel lipstick in 180 Vintage Pink.

I lined my lips with the Barry M Lip Liner, and then I filled my lips in with the Rimmel lipstick. The lip liner was slightly brighter than the lipstick, but after blotting my lips together, the brighter lip liner and lighter, different shade of pink lipstick, gives a ombre effect.

The Final Product



I have had tons of fun writing today’s blog post. I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading about my makeup look, as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Love & light,

Sophie x

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on these products?


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