This weekend was a very special, exciting weekend. This weekend we gained a new member in our crazy little family. This weekend we got another puppy! 

Saturday afternoon, my Mum called me downstairs, saying she wanted to see me about something. So down the stairs I went, into the dining room where my Mum was. I looked down, and sitting on the floor, by our 1 year old puppy Rosie, was a tiny baby puppy. I beamed with happiness and surprise, at our beautiful new addition to the family. 

Our new puppy is 9 weeks old, his birthday the day after our gorgeous little Rosie’s birthday, and his name is Barney (after Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother!) 

Barney is a bundle of fur and adorableness. He has so much energy, and he absolutely loves to be cuddled. He shares his love between us all, and he adores his big sissy, Rosie. He follows her everywhere, and she loves him too. Although sometimes she just wants some peace and quiet! They play together all the time, and have even cuddled up together once, after only two days of being within each others company. 

I already love him so darn much, he’s crazily affectionate, and he gives such lovely snuggles. He’s so furry and fluffy, and he is so tiny. 

Welcome to our crazy little family, Barney. We are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy like you in our family. 

Love & light,

Sophie x


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