A Nail Polish Review: Essie Happy Wife Happy Life 347

Essie Happy Wife Happy Life is a nail polish that I use quite often. I absolutely adore everything about this nail polish, well pretty much everything.

image1 (2)

First off, the colour is a beautiful, brilliant red. Red is one of my favourite colours, so this is one of the reasons why this nail polish is one of my very favourites.

The second reason why I love this nail polish is because the quality of it is amazing. The formula of the nail polish is thick enough to cover the nail with one single coat. Although, me being me, of course I always do two coats of nail polish, no matter how great the coverage is.

The brush that comes with this certain nail polish isn’t too thick, or too thin. It is just the perfect width for applying the nail polish without making too much of a mess when applying. I am notorious for making a mess when painting my nails, and I usually end up with painted fingertips as well as nails.

After applying, it didn’t take too long to dry. Although yet again, I sat with my hands in front of my fan, to speed up the drying process. It’s a cheat, but hey, it works! I waited for about 10 minutes or so, before checking that the nail polish had dried properly to avoid smudging my pretty red nails.

The texture of the nail polish on the nails when applied is smooth, which is definitely another plus for this Essie nail polish.

There is only one negative about this nail polish, and that is that it tends to chip quite easily. The day after I applied the nail polish, there was already chips out of it, and it needed topping up again. Although that is the only negative thing about this nail polish that I can think of, and trust me, I am wracking my mind to think of any other negatives, but none come to mind.

Essie is most definitely one of my very favourite nail polish brands, and I would most definitely buy more from this brand.

Love & light,

Sophie x

Have you tried this nail polish before? If so, what were your thoughts on it?



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