Sophie’s Self-Care Tips

So today I have decided to blog some self-care tips. Self care is so important, and really is vital. Never forget to look after yourself, and don’t ever neglect yourself. Our bodies need a lot of looking after, lots of love and care, and the best person to give your body this love and care is YOU!

So here goes …

1) Stay hydrated

It is so important to stay hydrated, and to keep topped up on fluids, especially water, or if you don’t like water, squash will do. Juices are good also, although these are filled with sugars, so you might want to watch how much fruit juice you drink! Staying hydrated is not only good for your skin, but also for your body to stay strong.

2) Apply hand cream

If you are like me and have anxiety about keeping germs away, and end up washing your hands lots of times to keep your hands germ free, it is important to remember to apply hand cream to stop your hands from getting chapped and sore. If your hands are red, chapped and sore, it is important to apply your hand cream a few times a day. Although if you have nice smooth skin on your hands, just applying hand cream before you go to bed will be enough. Applying hand cream before going to bed is the best idea as you won’t be washing your hands when you are asleep, meaning you won’t be getting rid of the cream and moisture.

3) Lip balm

Personally I couldn’t live without my lip balm, and I own way too many of them. I have a huge weakness for Baby Lips by Maybelline. There are so many different scents, flavors and colours of Baby Lips – a colour for every single person! I have a whole pencil-case dedicated to them, obsession right there haha. As well as the Baby Lips, I also own a variety of lip balms, and so far I haven’t found any that I don’t like. Applying lip balm a couple of times a day will help to keep your lips soft, and keep some moisture in them. If you do a lot of kissing, that will definitely result in chapped lips! That is when lip balm is a must have.

4) Listen to your body

If your body starts to feel tired, or run down, try to rest. These are signs that your body needs to rest, and it is very important to listen to your body. Obviously, it is not always possible to rest when you feel tired, but as soon as you are able to, try to rest. It doesn’t matter if you only manage half an hour of resting, but your body will definitely thank you for it. Don’t feel guilty for resting, resting is crucial.

5) Relax in the tub

At the end of a long day, have a nice relax in the bath, with your favourite music playing, a candle burning and a beautiful scented bath bomb in the bath. Take this time to unwind, for all of the days stresses and worries to float away as the water and calming scents embrace you. Even add a glass of your favourite wine to the mix, if you find that it helps you to relax.
Hint: Lavender scented bath products, and candles, will help you unwind and help you to relax, which should help you to sleep.

So that is it from me today, guys! I hope that you enjoyed today’s blog post, and remember, self-care is so important. Always look after your body’s, there is only one of you, you are important.

Love & light,
Sophie x

Do you have any self-care tips? If so, what are they?

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