Like This Make-up Look? Here is How to Recreate it!

I am actually in love with this make-up look. I am not usually happy and proud of how I do my make-up, but on Saturday night, I was proud and happy with how my make-up turned out.


Do you like this make-up look? If you do, keep on reading to find out how to recreate it.

The Eyes – Eye Shadows


I started off with using my eye primer, which I always use to try and hold my eye shadow in place for a little longer. I used a few different eye shadows for this make-up look. I started off with using MUA Make-Up Academy Matte Eyeshadow in Fudge – unfortunately it didn’t smell like fudge! I used this as a base colour, I did a couple of coats of this eye shadow across my eyelids.

Then I decided to use the MUA Make-Up Academy Eyeshadow in Copper. I was under the illusion that it would be quite a dark brown, shimmery eye shadow. Although to my disappointment it was half as dark as I expected. I applied this colour from the middle out into the outer corner of my eyelids. I blended it in to the middle so it wasn’t too harsh against the pale matte colour.

After applying the shimmery Copper eye shadow to the middle through to my outer corner of my eyelid, I used Mice-tro from the Kick Into Neutral Soap & Glory palette. The Kick Into Neutral palette is actually my very favourite, and I always use it when I am wearing eye shadow. I applied Mice-tro to the outer corner of my eyelids, blending it into the already applied Copper eye shadow.

Once I had applied my eyeliners, I used a small amount of Obsessed from the MUA Make-Up Academy Professional Undress Me Too Eyeshadow Palette. I used this eye shadow on my lower lash line to add a smokey effect to my look.

The Eyes – Eyeliner & Mascara


For this particular make-up style, I used 2 different eyeliners – Natural Collection Eye Lines in black, and Soap & Glory’s Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen. 

I applied a line of the Supercat liquid eyeliner, which was about half a cm thick, to my upper lash line. I applied this right the way across my upper lash line from inner eye to the outer corner of my eyelid.

Once my eyes were looking very cat like, I applied some of the Natural Collection eyeliner to my waterline and lower lash line. No matter what, I will always wear eyeliner on my waterline and lower lash line.

Now my eyes were all lined up, it was time for the finishing touch for my eyes! The finishing touch was a coat of Soap & Glory’s Thick & Fast mascara in black. I did one coat of the mascara on upper lashes, then I brushed them through with my eyelash comb to avoid my eyelashes clumping together. After they were brushed through, I added a little extra mascara to them, and also a small amount of mascara to my lower lashes.

The Face 


Now that my eyes were all made up, it was time to start on my face! Firstly, I started off by applying a layer of the L’Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Foundation in 1.N Ivory. This foundation is one of my very favourites, in fact there will be a review on it coming sometime in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Once the foundation had been applied, and all my blemishes (and spots) were in hiding, it was powder time! Time for my trusty Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder in Fair to come to my assistance as always. This is one of my most used make-up products, as you can tell from the photo above! It will need replacing sometime soon.

I applied one layer of powder, then I moved on to contour, highlight and blusher. For my contour and blush, I used the Makeup Revolution London Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit in Ultra Fair C01. I cannot express my love for this palette enough, it is incredible. I usually use the highlight from this palette also, but decided to go for a pink toned highlight for this look (since the top I was wearing was pink). So the highlight that got the pleasure of being used for this make-up look was the Make-up Academy Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter in D010D. It gave my cheeks a subtle pink shimmer, which I really liked.

The Lips

FullSizeRender (4)

I chose to wear a Colorpop Matte Liquid Lipstick, I hadn’t worn this liquid lipstick in quite a while, so I thought it was time that it came out of retirement for the evening! I’m not sure on the exact shade it is, as the writing has rubbed away, proving very difficult to see the name of this colour. It is a truly beautiful dark shade of pink, which was the perfect finishing touch for this make-up look.


So there you have it, you now know how to recreate this make-up look. If you have enjoyed this blog post, I have done another make-up look blog post in the past. Click on this link if you want to give it a read: Want Make Up Like Mine?

Love & light,

Sophie x

Have you used any of these make-up products before? What are your thoughts on them?


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