A Nail Polish Review: Ciate Rain Check

Earlier on today, I was rummaging through my nail polish drawer, trying to find a colour which would match my top. I thought it would be nice for my nail polish to match my top for a change.

While searching for a colour to match my top, I found my Ciate nail polish, and coincidentally it matched perfectly. I was one happy Sophie. I had never tried out this nail polish before, and I had never actually even tried out this brand. Although I had heard great things about it.

I have had this nail polish in my drawer for ages, in fact, I think it came free with a magazine a year or so ago!

The first thing I noticed was the shape of the bottle. It was a shape unlike normal nail polish bottles. It wasn’t too thick, and the bottle was slightly curved, with a long brush handle – which, in my opinion, is great, and makes applying the nail polish much easier.

After making sure that my nails were filed and in the best condition possible for applying the nail polish, I started to apply.  The brush was quite wide, and this helped in applying a thicker layer of nail polish, and it also made it much easier to cover all of my nail in one stroke of the brush. This meant that I didn’t make quite as much mess as I usually would when painting my nails!

Personally, I always do 2 coats of nail polish, but this Ciate nail polish was thick enough that I didn’t have to do 2 coats. The combination of the great nail polish formula, and the wider than average brush, a single coat of the nail polish gave my nails great coverage, and with such a beautiful colour, with a shiny and smooth finish.

As with any nail polish, it did take a while to dry. I sat in front of my fan for about 5 minutes, possibly a little longer, until both hands were dry. But it’s definitely worth waiting a little longer to avoid having smudged, messy nails!

If you have been considering buying a Ciate nail polish, I would highly recommend it. I have tried a lot of nail polishes so far, and this is definitely one of the best I have tried.

The colour that I have reviewed today, and that is pictured earlier on in this post, is Rain Check. It is a very dark purple, which in some lights even looks almost black. If you like dark nail polishes, then I suggest investing in this one.

Love & light,
Sophie x


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