Vacuum Blackhead Remover Review

Last week, my wonderful mother told me that she had ordered a vacuum blackhead remover for us to try. I was so excited by this because I absolutely despise having clogged pores, and nothing that I have tried in the past has helped to improve and unclog them.

Everyday I was getting so excited in hopes that the mail man would deliver it. It took several days for it to arrive, but it felt like forever. Finally it arrived on Friday, and we used it straight away, both mum and I were way too excited to wait.

The sun was shining, and it was such a beautiful day, so I sat outside in the garden in the sun lounger, and enjoyed some sun rays while mum started to try out the blackhead remover on my nose, cheeks and chin; the places that my pores are the worst. I was anxious that it would be a very painful sensation, although it was no where near as painful as I expected it to be. Of course there was some discomfort involved, I mean it is pulling pus out of your pores, what else do you expect?! But within a few minutes I was used to the sensation of it, and actually quite liked it.

Since we had never used this product, or anything similar before, we didn’t quite know what to expect or how to use the product properly to ensure the best results. We made the mistake of going over, and over the same area of my face, which after doing so made us realize that it wasn’t the best idea we had ever had.

Due to this, it caused my face to become very red, and resulted in having ‘love bite’ type marks over my face. I would recommend that if you are wanting to use the vacuum blackhead remover to clear your skin up for a special occasion, or outing, that you use it a few days beforehand. I mean going out with love bites on your face might be the look you are going for, but I highly doubt it!

Despite the love bites on my face, the vacuum blackhead remover was absolutely incredible. My pores are so much clearer, and I have finally found something that helps to unclog my pores, which is such a great feeling. I am planning on using the vacuum blackhead remover once a week, to try to continue to improve my complexion and to continue to clear up my pores. Since my pores are now clearer, and since using this product, my skin is so much softer, and so smooth.

After finishing using the vacuum blackhead remover, I used some toner on my skin to close my pores, as after this they were all very open. Once I had done so, I put a cold, damp flannel on my face to help reduce some of the redness. I left the flannel on my face for about 30 minutes, which helped to reduce some of the red marks. Finally, before going to bed, I put some toothpaste on the love bite type marks as my mum told me that it would help to minimize them, and she was right! The toothpaste really did help. I left it on them for about 2 hours, before removing it for a couple of hours, and then reapplying for another 4 hours.  The marks were still on my face the next day, so that meant that foundation and concealer were my best friends. With the combination of the two, I was easily able to hide them!

Overall, I was really impressed with this product, and I am very excited to continue using it to gradually improve my complexion further. I would most definitely recommend it to everyone, but please bare in mind the tips that I have suggested above.

Love & light,

Sophie xoxo


Have you used a vacuum blackhead remover before, or a product similar? If so, what was your experience with it?  


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