My Current Read


So today I decided to tell you guys all about my current read! Although, I say current read, I haven’t started it yet, but that shall all be changed when I snuggle down in bed. I am so excited to start reading it.


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Dare to Dream by Izzy Judd

‘At twenty-eight years old, Izzy Judd seemed to have the ideal life. She had just married Harry, the man of her dreams, and was eager to start a family. Her path to motherhood, though, was far from easy. Having suffered a huge setback when she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Izzy struggled to conceive naturally and embarked on a long journey involving fertility treatment, holistic remedies and, finally, IVF.

In Dare to Dream, Izzy writes with unflinching honesty about the despair, frustration and loneliness she endured during her years of waiting to fall pregnant, and of the grief brought about by miscarriage. She talks about her long struggle with anxiety and the impact she feels it had on her fertility; plus, she shares how she transformed herself both mentally and physically so that, when the time came to embark on IVF, she was able to do so with a positive mindset and a healthy body.’ 

The book description was taken from the back (the blurb) of the book itself. 

I have been anxious to read this book for a long time, even before it was released. I have such a huge admiration for Izzy Judd, for writing this book, about her struggles with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (commonly known as PCOS for short).

It must have been so hard for her, sitting down and reliving all of the difficult and heartbreaking situations and experiences that she has written about.

Izzy truly is an inspiration to those suffering with, and fighting, PCOS, or any other health conditions which could potentially effect a woman’s ability to have children.

I will post a book review once I have read this book, although I can already tell that it will be a positive one.

Love & light,

Sophie xoxo


2 thoughts on “My Current Read

  1. Oh, I will have to check this book out! Please update us on how it is! I am currently reading a book called “detours” Its a book written by ten people who have all struggled with infertility in some way. Thanks for sharing!

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